New technology in air accident investigation to be highlighted at WALA 2015 J2 Aircraft Dynamics will highlight a new technology which is delivering greater clarity in air accident investigation at next week’s Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association (WALA) conference in Athens (9th - 11th September).

The company which has this summer seen a rapid rise in interest in its j2 Air Accident Investigation J2AAI business will demonstrate how its j2 Universal Tool-Kit software uses readily available information to determine which events and actions best support the evidence trail for an accident.

The software, which employs flight physics knowledge, recreates events from a variety of data sources (including pilot input) and examines their impact by developing and using high fidelity predictive models of the aircraft and a powerful analytical capability.

Earlier this year, John Jeffery, an aeronautical engineer and CEO of j2 Aircraft Dynamics was asked to provide expert testimony, using the j2 software, in the high profile Regina V Scott Hoyle case.

Here Mr Jeffery developed a high fidelity model of a Tiger Moth and through detailed analysis provided a very accurate interpretation to the court concluding that the only scenario he believe fitted the available data was the one matching the pilot’s documented sequence of events. Having been accused of attempting a loop in a Tiger Moth aircraft and causing a crash that killed his passenger, Scott Hoyle was found not guilty.

Paul Jenkins, Senior Vice President at j2 Aircraft Dynamics said: “It’s clear that j2 and its Universal Tool-Kit software has become a talking point this year. We hope that at WALA, we can demonstrate the capability and benefits of j2 to a knowledgeable audience that recognises the importance of improving the standards of flight safety.

“At j2 our sole purpose it to get to the truth of what actually happened in an air accident by looking at the facts, and by this we mean using mathematical models and principles of flight physics, we are confident the application of our software and analytical capability can only add to existing understanding in air accident investigations.”

WALA was established in 2007 following the identification of a need to create and promote worldwide a forum where airport lawyers and other interested parties could develop, share and debate relevant issues in their field of law. The event is likely to attract industry professionals from airport operators, civil aviation authorities, transport authorities, tourism authorities, airport concessionaires, consumer associations, economists, professionals in political sciences and foreign affairs, and aviation professionals.

j2 Aircraft Dynamics’ proprietary software The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is used throughout the global aerospace industry as a fundamental toolset for the design, analysis and modelling of fixed wing aircraft. The j2 Universal Tool-Kit is a powerful framework coupled with a fully integrated suite of plug-in modules which cover a full range of design, analysis, visualisation, simulation and flight test data matching capability.

A UK-based company, j2 also continues to support a growing number of colleges and universities around the world with free j2 Universal Tool-Kit software for teaching and more advanced research into aerodynamics, design and modelling and simulation disciplines.

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