j2 Raises the Bar with the Release of j2 Rotary For Use in Helicopter Air Accident Investigation and Analysis The leading flight physics based investigation and analysis consultancy, j2 Aircraft Dynamics, is raising the bar in air accident investigation capability with the introduction of j2 Rotary. This new capability allows j2 to apply the same high fidelity modelling and analysis methods and techniques already accepted in fixed wing to any accidents involving Helicopters, manned or unmanned.

The application of the new j2 Rotary technology, already proven in commercial high fidelity Helicopter simulators, allows j2 to accurately model and analyse any Helicopter and a variety of failure modes typically associated with Helicopter accidents. Whether it is more common failures e.g. in tail rotor, gearbox or main rotor, rotor blade damage etc to more complex problems like pilot inputs or the impact of side-wind gusts or down-wind gusts on landing or take-off phases of flight, j2 can offer the complete investigation and analysis service to match that capability already internationally accepted on fixed wing.

Whether it is litigation or mediation, in court or with an insured client, j2 Aircraft Dynamics can use its flight physics knowledge and methodology to focus quickly on the most likely cause(s) of an accident as well as also clarifying what didn’t happen. This in turn can help its clients to establish and defend or settle a position with a far greater technical insight than has been possible before.