J2 attends AIAA’s Scitech J2 Aircraft Dynamics will be exhibiting new technology which delivers greater clarity in all aspects of whole aircraft modelling and flights physics analysis at AIAA’s Scitech 2016 in San Diego, California this week (3rd – 8th January 2016).

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics annual conference (AiAA) takes place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt and attracts over 3,500 participants and includes more than 2,500 technical presentations from 800 institutions in 39 countries.

J2 Aircraft Dynamics will be demonstrating its j2 Universal Tool-Kit software. The software is firmly established as a mainstream tool-set for use in all aspects of whole aircraft modelling and flight physics analysis – from core aero engineering design concepts through detailed stages, flight test data matching, model build to Simulation and QTG work and air accident investigation and analysis.

During the conference, UK-based J2 Aircraft Dynamics is keen to hear from students and academic organisations on how they might use free j2 software to help accelerate academic learning as part of recognised programmes of study and on none-commercial research in aircraft model build and flight physics analytical processes.

For further information about j2 visit www.j2aircraft.com